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Protect your engine from the effects of the cold of winter. At D&G Marine we have packages available to meet all budgets with a master technician on hand to ensure you are fully protected from any freeze damage.

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Ouboard Water System
  • Drain drinking water system

  • Run RV anti-freeze through the system to protect

  • Add anti-freeze to toilet and holding tank

Basic Winterization
  • Check all fluid levels

  • Treat fuel with stabilizer

  • Fog cylinders

  • Drain raw water 

Deluxe Winterization
  • Basic Winterization

  • Spray engine with corrosion protection

  • Check spark and compression

  • Check/change gear oil

  • Drain carbs and spray P/H for corrosion protection

  • Grease prop shaft and fittings - check for any damage

  • Check trailer tire pressure

Premier Winterization

  • Deluxe Winterization

  • Inspect all electrical wiring and connections

  • Remove all batteries

  • Check/change motor oil and  filters

  • Flush engine with friendly anti-freeze

  • Check compression - replace spark plugs as needed

  • Check for loose, missing or broken fasteners

  • Check trailer bearings

  • Fill all fuel tanks with stablizer additive

  • Complete grease and lubrication of all motor, boat and trailer components

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